Golioth Zephyr SDK
golioth_blockwise_download_ctx Struct Reference

Represents blockwise download transfer from Golioth. More...

#include <golioth.h>

Data Fields

struct coap_block_context block_ctx
struct golioth_clientclient
struct coap_reply * reply
uint8_t token [COAP_TOKEN_MAX_LEN]
golioth_blockwise_download_received_t received_cb

Detailed Description

Represents blockwise download transfer from Golioth.

Definition at line 110 of file net/golioth.h.

Field Documentation

◆ block_ctx

struct coap_block_context golioth_blockwise_download_ctx::block_ctx

Definition at line 111 of file net/golioth.h.

◆ client

struct golioth_client* golioth_blockwise_download_ctx::client

Definition at line 112 of file net/golioth.h.

◆ received_cb

golioth_blockwise_download_received_t golioth_blockwise_download_ctx::received_cb

Definition at line 115 of file net/golioth.h.

◆ reply

struct coap_reply* golioth_blockwise_download_ctx::reply

Definition at line 113 of file net/golioth.h.

◆ token

uint8_t golioth_blockwise_download_ctx::token[COAP_TOKEN_MAX_LEN]

Definition at line 114 of file net/golioth.h.

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