Golioth Zephyr SDK
golioth_client Struct Reference

Represents a Golioth client instance. More...

#include <golioth.h>

Public Attributes

int proto
struct golioth_tls tls
uint8_t * rx_buffer
size_t rx_buffer_len
size_t rx_received
struct coap_packet rx_packet
struct coap_option rx_options [CONFIG_GOLIOTH_COAP_MAX_OPTIONS]
struct k_mutex lock
int sock
void(* on_connect )(struct golioth_client *client)
void(* on_message )(struct golioth_client *client, struct coap_packet *rx)
struct golioth_message_callback_reg message_callbacks [GOLIOTH_MAX_NUM_MESSAGE_CALLBACKS]
size_t num_message_callbacks
struct golioth_rpc rpc
struct k_mutex rpc_mutex
struct golioth_settings settings

Detailed Description

Represents a Golioth client instance.

Member Data Documentation

◆ lock

struct k_mutex golioth_client::lock

◆ message_callbacks

struct golioth_message_callback_reg golioth_client::message_callbacks[GOLIOTH_MAX_NUM_MESSAGE_CALLBACKS]

◆ num_message_callbacks

size_t golioth_client::num_message_callbacks

◆ on_connect

void(* golioth_client::on_connect) (struct golioth_client *client)

◆ on_message

void(* golioth_client::on_message) (struct golioth_client *client, struct coap_packet *rx)

◆ proto

int golioth_client::proto

◆ rpc

struct golioth_rpc golioth_client::rpc

◆ rpc_mutex

struct k_mutex golioth_client::rpc_mutex

◆ rx_buffer

uint8_t* golioth_client::rx_buffer

◆ rx_buffer_len

size_t golioth_client::rx_buffer_len

◆ rx_options

struct coap_option golioth_client::rx_options[CONFIG_GOLIOTH_COAP_MAX_OPTIONS]

◆ rx_packet

struct coap_packet golioth_client::rx_packet

◆ rx_received

size_t golioth_client::rx_received

◆ settings

struct golioth_settings golioth_client::settings

◆ sock

int golioth_client::sock

◆ tls

struct golioth_tls golioth_client::tls

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