Golioth Zephyr SDK
golioth_settings_value Struct Reference

A setting value. More...

#include <settings.h>

Data Fields

enum golioth_settings_value_type type
union {
   bool   b
   float   f
   struct {
      const char *   ptr
      size_t   len
   }   string
   int64_t   i64

Detailed Description

A setting value.

The type will dictate which of the union fields to use.

Definition at line 81 of file settings.h.

Field Documentation


union { ... }

◆ b

bool golioth_settings_value::b

Definition at line 84 of file settings.h.

◆ f

float golioth_settings_value::f

Definition at line 85 of file settings.h.

◆ i64

int64_t golioth_settings_value::i64

Definition at line 90 of file settings.h.

◆ len

size_t golioth_settings_value::len

Definition at line 88 of file settings.h.

◆ ptr

const char* golioth_settings_value::ptr

Definition at line 87 of file settings.h.


struct { ... } golioth_settings_value::string

◆ type

enum golioth_settings_value_type golioth_settings_value::type

Definition at line 146 of file settings.h.

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